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ARDA Trade and Export is the sole distributor in West Africa for Advanced Technology Inc. (ATI), a US based manufacturer. Product usage and applications include:

  • Commercial and institutional office buildings
  • Healthcare facilities (hospitals and clinics)
  • Hospitalities (hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers), and Retail outlets (malls and department stores).

Product Characteristics:

One product line is used in ceilings and replaces the need for regular ceiling tiles. It is water resistant to protect against leaks and it comes in various designs. Another line is used on walls in lieu of paint. It lasts in excess of ten (10) years without the need for recoating or touch-ups. Yet still, another line serves decorative purposes on walls in retail outlets.

Product Categories:

Listed below are some of the major product categories. All of these have extremely long life spans. They will generate substantial cost savings and are ideal for the Nigerian market.

  • Mirroflex: deeply textured decorative ceiling tiles
  • Mirroflex: deeply textured decorative laminates
  • Numetal: high pressured laminates with a real metal surface
  • Fusion: adaptable, durable surfaces – fused with custom or stock imagery which allows a customer to create his/her own work of art
  • Lumisplash: decorative laminates with LED edge lighting

Strategic Partnerships:

Arda Trade and Export is continuously developing strategies and forming alliances to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of service. ATI (Decorative Laminates), USA
A line of products used principally in commercial and institutional office buildings, hospitals (healthcare), hospitalities (hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers) and retail outlets.

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