Arda Trade and Export

A Service and Management Company

Arda Trade and Export

A Service and Management Company

Arda Trade and Export

A Service and Management Company

What We Do

  • We are an Export Management Company specializing in US and West African trade.
  • We provide strategies to get US products and produce into the West African marketplace as well as materials and products from West Africa into the US market.
  • We support businesses to experience growth in West African markets without the high cost of operating an in-house export division.
  • We provide our US based clients market studies and risk assessments of West African markets.
  • We provide a deep understanding of business culture and practices in West Africa.
  • We always seek the best terms for all of our clients.

Why Great Opportunities Exist In West Africa

especially for US small businesses seeking to grow

  • It is an emerging market with great opportunities for new products.
  • It has a population over 360 million people and it is developing a dynamic middle class.
  • It is made up of a techno savvy generation: the “cellphone generation”.

West African Countries And Population (In Millions)

Benin (11.5 M) Ivory Coast (23.8 M) Senegal (16.1 M)
Burkina Faso (19.2 M) Liberia (4.7 M) Sierra Leone (6.7 M)
Gambia (2.1 M) Mali (18.7 M) Togo (7.7 M)
Ghana (28.7 M) Mauritania (4.3 M) Cape Verde (0.5 M)
Guinea-Bissau (1.9 M) Nigeria (191.8 M) Saint Helena (0.004 M)
Guinea (13.3 M) Niger (21.6 M) Sou Tome and Principe (0.2 M)

About ARDA Trade And Export

how to buy finasteride uk The ARDA approach :

Our founder, Shadrach "Shad" Smith, has more than 20 years of high-level business experience working in West Africa and the United States. He business career has included exporting, banking, law, financial management, contract negotiation, and real estate investment.

Shad is a Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) in addition to receiving extensive training from the US Commercial Services, US Department of Commerce.

ARDA's local staff and regional partners have the advantage of also working, living and traveling in West Africa. They bring unique understanding of trade practices and business customs. These are only a few of many advantages that we provide all of our customers.

Let us make your USA – West African business experience both pleasant and profitable.

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North Carolina

Our company is located in Greensboro, NC – a state with many

leading industries and one that is ranked nationally in both

agriculture, production, and manufacturing.

Top Agro Production:

1st in USA for sweet potato production

2nd largest pork producer in USA

3rd largest poultry producer in USA

5th largest for catfish production in USA

Top Export Categories:

Chemicals - $6.6B

Transportation Equipment - $4.4B

Machinery - $3.3B

Computer and Electronic products - $2.4B.

Textiles and Fabrics - $1.9B

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